Water Filtration And Office Coffee Service In Peachtree City

Get Office Coffee and Water Filtration in
Peachtree City

Give your Peachtree City employees the coffee they deserve with an office coffee program from Seventh Wave Refreshments. We offer many types of brewing machines, from more traditional pour over brewers to single-cup coffee machines. Our selection of coffees and teas include all the brands, types and flavors that your people know and love. We’ll come back regularly to check on your coffee machines and restock your supply. If you prefer, we’ll also restock other items for your break room, such as napkins, plates, cups, stir sticks and creamers. Let us take break room management off your hands so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

Got poor office water quality at your Peachtree City break room? Our water filtration systems can fix it. These water filtration units connect directly to your water supply to provide better water from the tap – hot or cold.

Micro-Markets In Peachtree City

Turn Your Peachtree City Break Room into
a Micro-Market

Seventh Wave Refreshments’ Micro-Market program involves transforming a portion of your Peachtree City break room into a small corner store. We’ll work with you to put together the array of racks, displays and coolers to best fit your available space, and then we’ll fill them with hundreds of products of your choosing. Beyond standard vending fare, Micro-Markets can also contain unique items like dairy products, gourmet salads and other fresh, healthy foods. We work with a local commissary to provide unique food items that are made fresh daily. Each Micro-Market includes an integrated self-checkout kiosk so employees at your Peachtree City location can handle their own transactions. These kiosks allow the stores to remain accessible 24 hours a day. This is a great morale booster for those having to come in early or stay late to get projects done.

Healthy Vending Machines And Pantry Service In Peachtree City

Pantry Services Available in Peachtree City

A pantry service from Seventh Wave Refreshments is much like a Micro-Market service, but with additional items like bulk cereal dispensers, bulk candy, bulk nuts and fruit baskets. They also include milk by the carton and can incorporate a coffee station. What makes this best for your Peachtree City operation is that all the items are provided free for your employees to enjoy. This will boost productivity as employees never have to leave the office to get snacks, beverages and lunch options. Have your Peachtree City employees enjoy to their heart’s content and we’ll simply provide an invoice at the end of each month for the items used.

We Can Provide Vending Machines in Peachtree City

Seventh Wave Refreshments offers state-of-the-art snack and beverage vending machines for Peachtree City offices. Our vending machines include the latest features in vending, such as guaranteed product delivery, cashless payment and remote inventory monitoring. And we can fill our vending machines with your choice of popular snacks, sodas, juices and other standard vending fare. Ask about our special vending programs, such as subsidized and free vending agreements.

Get the services you need with Seventh Wave Refreshments. Learn what we can do at 404-754-9799 or e-mail info@seventhwaverefreshments.com.

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