Sanitation products in Atlanta

Offer employees peace of mind

Because we take workplace sanitation seriously, we teamed up with, a local company with expertise in sanitation needs.

Experienced, full-time chemists on staff

Registered with the EPA and USADA; Kosher certified

Able to customize programs for different needs

Eco-friendly options: EPA Safer Choice, Green Seal, OMRI, etc.


Choose from a range of hand sanitizer options to kill germs on skin.

Air disinfectants

Invest in air disinfectant systems such as ultraviolet fixtures.

Cleaning solutions

Clean with the area’s most reliable disinfectant cleaning solutions.


Ensure your workplace always has antibacterial soap on hand.

UV light fixtures eliminate airborne diseases

For our Atlanta partners, we offer a local upper-air ultraviolet (UV) fixture, recommended by experts and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in reducing infecting agents in the air and on surfaces. The GLO™ UV fixture exceeds performance guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and by the CDC for hospitals and healthcare facilities. It mitigates nosocomial infections, colds, flu, etc. in waiting rooms, prisons, colleges, universities, and anywhere there is a desire to reduce airborne infectious microorganisms. GLO fixtures are a low cost, easy to use, energy-efficient sanitation solution perfect for bringing back workplace peace of mind.

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