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Risking it all for something better

What is the Seventh Wave Refreshments Story? What makes us different? Why do we exist? It’s about JOY! It’s about PEOPLE! It’s about PASSION!

Have you ever felt so passionate about something that you risk absolutely everything to see it come to life? That is where Seventh Wave Refreshments came from.

Our founders have been in the industry for quite some time. They both had successful careers and the honor of working together to create and install refreshments solutions for hundreds of Atlanta customers. They were a perfect team consisting of a super-passionate salesperson and an amazing “nothing is too big” operations guru!”

Until one day, due to changes beyond their ­control, a “WHY” started creeping in. Why are we running so hard? Why do we care so much about this industry? Why does this matter? One day the answer came … it was always about the people! Our suppliers, our customers, our family, our co-workers. They turned that “WHY” into a “WHAT IF” and realized that their mission was greater than themselves.

They took a leap of faith and founded a greater movement in refreshments – a movement to bring JOY! As the movement took shape, we were able to bring in the best in coffee, the tastiest food experiences, and the most loyal manufacturers you could ask for all who share this vision with us. Seventh Wave Refreshments is founded in passion for our mission, innovative solutions fueled by the greatest suppliers and partners in the industry, and surrendered hearts that have led us to where we are today!

Dedicated and passionate founders

Our company is 100% employee owned. This means that everyone that you encounter shares the same heart and passion of bringing joy to the workplace. We look forward to working with you to cultivate community in your workplace by designing programs that help you share your message of wellness, fun, and appreciation to your team.


Dave Carroll

Dave is a refreshment industry veteran finally living his dream of running an employee-owned business that puts high-quality service before profits.

Linda Saldana

Linda is an advocate for change in workplace refreshment. She is dedicated to a people-focused approach that cultivates happiness.



Seventh Wave Refreshments will always be the innovative provider you are looking for. We are a group of creative problem solvers who are not afraid of a challenge brought on by customers who are open to innovative solutions. We provide a space for our employees to think outside the box and bring innovative resolutions to the table


Whether its faith-based, spiritually motivated, or self-driven, Seventh Wave Refreshments surrenders to the idea that we can truly make a difference in our communities. It’s bigger than workplace refreshments, it is the ability to bring joy to the workplace. Our founders believe that when you do something, you surrender to that idea and do it with all that you have. We work with customers and employees who understand that surrendering is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of knowing there are things bigger than yourself out there.


Seventh Wave Refreshments was created from the passion of our founders who strive to create meaningful relationships with our customers and employees. We partner with companies who have a passion for serving their employees and creating strong workplace communities. We promise to inspire and motivate our employees while providing a place where they can develop their individual passions into a fulfilling career.

Our integrity and passion cultivate strong working relationships

“At Hanna Brothers, we believe that a great meal brings people together. We also believe that the best products in the world are meaningless without a professional team delivering and servicing customers at the highest levels of trust and performance. As a fellow vendor to Chick-fil-A, we have had the privilege of working alongside Linda Saldana and have watched her earn the trust of our mutual clients again and again. She has become our go-to reference for new opportunities in her field of specialization and is a perfect complement to what we do inside an organization. It’s “refreshing” to see her work.”

Tim O’Connor
Hanna Brothers

“Even if you manufacture the best Bean To Cup coffee equipment and have a passion for the best coffee you need to have People like Linda on your side, Linda has been able to take our product and passion and bring it to the Atlanta market and everywhere she goes. Thank you, Linda, for sharing our passion for almost 9 years.”

Francois Baron
CEO, Cafection

“As a manufacturer’s representative I count professionalism, integrity and thorough follow through as prerequisites to serve as ambassador for our brands.  After working together for the better part of 9 years, few Starbucks Premier Provider consultant partners have been as innovative and fun to work with as Linda Saldana.  She expects and gets the most from suppliers.  I routinely recommend Linda to our prospective partners without hesitation for her ability to elevate the customer experience and deliver on our value proposition.”

David C. Leach
Business Development, WPMP
Nestlé Coffee Partners, Solutions Lab

“As industry veterans, Linda Saldana and Dave Carroll, bring the necessary knowledge and resources to provide innovative refreshment solutions to the workplace.  Being extremely customer focused, they expect the highest level of quality in products and services delivered to their customers.  Newco embraces their innovative spirit and continued passion to deliver only the best solutions to their customers.”


“Quality, customer service, and integrity. All are vital to how I measure success, and all are a part of how Linda Saldana does business. I have had the privilege of working with Linda for over 4 years and seen first-hand how well she supports her customers. She is passionate, responsive, and an industry expert and I am confident she will be a great asset to all who chose to work with Seventh Wave Refreshments!”

Chad Crosson
Thrive Farmers International, Inc.

“People!  We like coffee and love people.  Our mission is to Craft Beautiful Coffee, Create Purposeful Work & Cultivate Flourishing Community.   Very few people I know have a passion for community and align with our mission the way Linda does.  She takes pride in “bringing joy to the workplace”.  I’m proud to have her represent me, our team and the 10,000 coffee farmers we serve in Rwanda and our coffee.  Jonathan D. Golden, Founder Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee.”

Founder, Land of A Thousand Hills Coffee Co.
Coach To Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders

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