Office coffee and micro-markets in Johns Creek

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services Available for Any Johns Creek Office

Need better coffee in your Johns Creek office? Seventh Wave Refreshments has it. We specialize in customizing an office coffee solution specifically for unique operations. Perhaps your facility is best served with a single-cup brewer or your need coffee brewed in volumes that only a more tradition by-the-pot brewer can handle? We have you covered. And all of our coffee equipment features the latest in technologies, so they not only brew the best possible cup, but they allow drinkers to adjust brewing parameters for a better drink. Part of our service is to regularly return to your Johns Creek office to keep your coffee supply full. When we do, we’ll provide other items you might regularly need, like stir sticks, napkins, cups, plates and creamers. Let us know, and we’ll take this chore off of our plate.

Water filtration is a service that can cure any office water problems you have in Johns Creek. Simply plumbing into your water supply, these effective filtration units – available in counter top and floor standing units – remove the impurities that are adversely affecting your water. Turn on the water after installation and improved water is there.

Vending machines and water filtration in Johns Creek

Johns Creek Loves Micromarkets

Rather than looking for a vending machine service for your Johns Creek office, why not look to a micromarket first? Seventh Wave Refreshments specializes in a customized micromarket solution. We work with your available office space to install racks, coolers and displays to offer a wide variety of snacks, beverages and food items. This includes great entrée options made fresh daily from a local commissary. What’s great is this allows for viable breakfast, lunch and dinner options rather than people having to go out to a restaurant or local convenience store. The results is happier employees and better productivity at your Johns Creek break room. micromarkets are made complete with an integrated self-checkout kiosk. These simple to use machines let people handle transactions themselves, and, since they’re internet connected, they let us track your inventory and know exactly when and what you need restocked. micromarkets can remain open all hours of every day. It’s a true morale builder for everyone in your operation.

Pantry service for Johns Creek businesses

Put a Pantry in Your Johns Creek Operation

Want the convenience of a micromarket, but perhaps not as extensive? Then let Seventh Wave Refreshments customize a pantry service at your Johns Creek office. Think of this like a complimentary breakfast station at today’s leading hotels. It includes cereal dispensers, candy dispensers, nut dispensers, baskets of fruit and cartons of milk, juices and other beverages. Employees can use them as they please, getting the necessary fuel in the morning or snacks throughout the day to get the job done. Also, paying for this service is very straight forward as we simply send you an invoice at the end of the month for all items consumed.

Vending Machines Delivered in Johns Creek

Want something more simple than a Micro-Market or pantry service for your Johns Creek office? Consider vending machines from Seventh Wave Refreshments. Our snack and beverage vending machines feature the latest in technological advances to offer up items in the most efficient and effective way. We’ll deliver and install the machines, and then we’ll fill them with your choice of items. We’re also willing to put together a unique vending agreement for your location, such as subsidized or free vending options, in case you’re looking to provide your employees with a nice fringe benefit.

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