vending machines and office coffee service in DunwoodyDunwoody’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Experts

Get the best office coffee service for your Dunwoody office with Seventh Wave Refreshments. We offer the best brewing machines for your unique Dunwoody office environment. Choose between the ever popular single-cup brewers, which lets every drinker cater to their own unique tastes, or the latest in pot brewer options. When you set up your program and select the beverages you prefer, let us know if you’d like us to manage other break room supplies as well. We’re willing to restock your cups, plates, napkins, sweeteners, creamers and more during our regular visits.
If water quality is a problem at your Dunwoody location, then we’ve got the solution. Seventh Wave Refreshments offers water filtration units in both counter top and floor standing configurations.Plumbing into your water supply, the filters remove the impurities that can cause bad taste, giving you better water quality right from the tap.

vending service and micro-markets in DunwoodyMicro-Markets Gain Popularity in Dunwoody

Micro-Markets are basically a mini convenience store installed right in your Dunwoody office, filled with hundreds of unique items of your choosing. Rather than vending machines, Seventh Wave Refreshments installs attractive racks, coolers and displays to fit any available space. The stores also include integrated self-checkout kiosks so the customers can handle the transactions themselves. Because the store basically runs itself, it can remain open every day – all day. This is a great benefit for those employees working unusual hours, and an extra incentive for those thinking about putting in a few extra hours.

Dunwoody pantry service optionsThe Pantry Service Your Dunwoody Office Demands

A pantry service from Seventh Wave Refreshments goes beyond a Micro-Market in selection and morale building. As with a Micro-Market, we’ll work to install racks, coolers and displays into your Dunwoody office to house a wide array of beverage, snack and food items – but it also includes bulk items, like bulk cereal dispensers, baskets of fruit, cartons of milk and a coffee station. And this is free for employees to enjoy. Instead of having a checkout kiosk, we simply send an invoice at the end of each month for the items your employees consumed.

Offering Vending Machines in Dunwoody

Looking for a simple vending machine arrangement for your Dunwoody location? Seventh Wave Refreshments offers snack and beverage vending machines. They feature the latest in convenience features. Ask about cashless payment and guaranteed product delivery. Also, these machines can be internet connected, allowing us to remotely monitor your inventory. We’ll know when you need restocking and deliver items in the most efficient manner possible.

Seventh Wave Refreshments is at your beck and call.Contact us at 404-754-9799 or e-mail to see what we can do for you.

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