Office coffee machines and water filtration in Buckhead

Buckhead’s Office Coffee and
Water Filtration Service

Seventh Wave Refreshments is ready to put a professional, quality office coffee service into your Buckhead facility. We have the latest technologies in brewing machines, include single-cup brewers on up to those that brew larger quantities by the pot. And our selection of teas, coffees and other hot beverages includes all the brands, types and flavors that people know and love. Beyond the coffee service itself, we’ll also help you manage your break room. Rather than buying the stir sticks, cups, napkins, plates and creamers yourself, we’ll do it for you. It will be part of our regular restocking of your drink supply.

If you need better water quality in your Buckhead office, let us install one of our water filtration units. Much more convenient and cost effective than a water delivery service, these water filters plumb into your water supply and remove the impurities causing the problem in the first place. Within minutes of installation, you’ll have the fresh, great tasting water you’ve been looking for right from the tap.

Snack vending machines and micro-markets in Buckhead

Micromarkets Installed Throughout Buckhead

Micromarkets are the latest in vending, and Seventh Wave Refreshments can put one in your Buckhead office. Think of your very own corner store right within the walls of your breakroom. Rather than vending machines, this store is made up of racks, displays and coolers filled with your choice of snacks, drinks and food items. We work with a local commissary to provide our entrees, meaning you’ll have great options to provide those who want to stay in the office over their lunch break. A self-checkout kiosk is included in every Micromarket, allowing people to handle their own transactions. Because the store basically runs itself, Micromarkets can remain open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Furthermore, they are internet connected, so we can monitor your inventory in real time. That way we always know when you need restocking and exactly what to put on the truck for the visit.

Buckhead pantry services

Buckhead’s Pantry Service Solution

Pantries are another unique service that Seventh Wave Refreshments can provide for your Buckhead location. Instead of items employees pay for, pantries offer up snack and beverage items in bulk for employees to enjoy for free. This includes cereal dispensers, nut dispensers, baskets of fruit, cartons of milk and other beverages, and candy. Think of it like your very own pantry at your residence, except this one has something that everyone can enjoy. As far as invoicing is concerned, that’s simple. We restock at the beginning of the month and only invoice for consumed items at the end of the month.

Snack and Beverage Vending Machines in Buckhead

If you’d like a beverage or snack vending machine for your Buckhead office, Seventh Wave Refreshments can help. We’ll provide only the most state-of-the-art vending machines for your Buckhead facility, featuring such technologies as guaranteed product delivery, cashless payment and remote inventory monitoring. We specialize in offering a large selection of the most popular products but customized options to satisfy your staff.

Learn more about Seventh Wave Refreshments’ vast solutions for Buckhead businesses. Call 404-754-9799 or e-mail to get started today.

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