Office coffee equipment and self-serve micro-markets in Atlanta

Atlanta’s Office Coffee and Water Filtration Services

Quality hot beverages are available throughout your Atlanta office by signing up for an office coffee service from Seventh Wave Refreshments. Our coffee service includes the brewers you need to cater to your unique office size, and the selection of coffees, teas and other hot beverages your people want. State-of-the-art brewers offer multiple features to brew a better cup, such as the ability to adjust brewing parameters to your liking. We have everything from single cup to coffee machines that brew by the pot. If you would like someone to manage your other break room supplies for you, we’re happy to add it to your coffee service. Just let us know and we’ll supply your stir sticks, creamers, sweeteners and other common break room items.

Don’t let poor water quality dampen your office coffee program. Seventh Wave offers water filtration units to solve the problem. These hook up to your water supply to remove impurities that can lead to poor water quality. Once installed, all a person has to do is turn a spigot for better tasting water, hot or cold.

Beverage vending machines and water filtration services in Atlanta

Micromarkets Installed in Atlanta

Your Atlanta office could benefit great by adding a Micromarket from Seventh Wave Refreshments. Think of it like a small convenience store right in your office, complete with a large variety of products including fresh, healthy entrée options. This is possible because we work with a local commissary to get unique items prepared daily, including organic food items. Rather than vending machines, a Micromarket is constructed of attractive racks, coolers and displays. Also, each Micromarket includes a self-checkout kiosk, which allows customers to handle their own transactions. Another benefit is these kiosks are internet connected, which lets us track your inventory in real time and replenish as needed. Micromarkets accept credit card and debit card payment, and they are accessible 24 hours a day, every day.

Pantry service choices in Atlanta

Atlanta Pantry Services

Another unique option for your Atlanta office is pantry service. This is where Seventh Wave Refreshments sets up a variety of bulk items for your employees to enjoy. It includes dispensers for cereal, candy, nuts, baskets of fruit, carton of beverages, like organic milk, and a coffee station. Though it doesn’t include the larger food entrée items of a Micromarket it is a very convenient and free option for employees to stay fueled. And invoicing is simple. We just send one at the end of each month for the items consumed.

Vending Machines Available for Atlanta Businesses

Seventh Wave Refreshments offers beverage and snack vending machines for Atlanta facilities. These are the latest in vending machine technologies, offering such features as cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and remote inventory monitoring. The items available in our vending machines are completely up to your discretion. Also, if there are certain beverages and snacks not currently in our offering that you would like, just let us know and we’ll make every attempt to add them.

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